About Us

DLMcGuirt was founded in 2016 by artist and fashion entrepreneur, Deirdré L. McGuirt.  A majority woman and black-owned business, DLMcGuirt is a collection of apparel, footwear and lifestyle items that are inspired by abstract and contemporary art. 

The whimsical and unique designs begin as paintings, which are then transferred to digital art to make our fabrics, the final patterns are printed or embroidered by our artisan partners in Asia and Europe on various fabrics.  

From the early days of Deirdré packing and shipping orders out of her house, DLMcGuirt has grown into a globally recognized (and loved) brand with new collections released monthly. In addition to our online shop, an exclusive DLMcGuirt collection is available through Etsy, Poshmark and Depop. In 2021, founder Deirdre continued to grow the DLMcGuirt brand through collaborations with wholesale companies such as Rangeme, Abound and Brandboom, creating an ever-widening base of enthusiasts. DLMcGuirt plans to continue to bring its unique and whimsical prints to even more home and lifestyle items in 2022 and beyond. 

The Team

Led by founder Deirdré L. McGuirt, DLMcGuirt has grown thanks to the support of our dedicated and creative team based in Monrovia, MD

About Deirdré L. Mc Guirt

Deirdré is an artist & fashion entrepreneur. 

The daughter of parents who owned their own construction business, Deirdré creative mind began at an early age when she picked up a paint brush and began creating her original acrylic paintings. As a child, she made her own paper dolls and their clothing.  After graduating from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Drama/Communication in the mid 80s, Deirdré began her design skills early in her career as a graphic designer in Dallas, Texas. In 1990, she launched Artística, a graphic design company that created personal invitations, greeting cards, brochures and flyers. In 2006, Deirdré renamed her company DLMcGuirt and offered her original art on apparel, footwear and lifestyle products. After years of creating her original artwork, Deirdré took the leap to create her own collection DLMcGuirt.