Why settle to look humdrum and boring, when you can look awesome and hella fabulous.
— Deirdre McGuirt, Founder/CEO of D.L. McGuirt

The Idea

D.L. McGuirt was created in 2015, in the frustration over the standardized offerings from the multiple retail stores, online stores and the abundance of soulless fashion brands. Our ambition is to offer an amazing variety of designs with excellent quality. The printed shirt is a fantastic medium for people to express what they like, who they are and what they identify with. No other garment can be changed and manipulated so easily.  D.L. McGuirt, believes that the shirt is the perfect garment. It’s comfy, versatile and a strong expression of the individual’s taste – that’s why we love shirts!




Style & Quality

D.L. McGuirt's  designs are created exclusively by its Founder/CEO, Deirdre L. McGuirt, which means that  we produce truly unique products. Our range of designs is constantly evolving, and we want to have something for everyone. The garments and accessories we produce are interpretations of pop cultural influences. In the future, we will be working to benefit from our creative community – a growing network of designers from all around the world.

Expanding the D.L. McGuirt Brand

D.L. McGuirt started in 2015, selling custom designed mobile phone accessories and by 2016, branched out to create uniquely designed shirts and Crazy Fazy socks.  In 2018, we have added our brand of  finely crafted shoes and sneakers; a luxury design, hand & custom-made from our manufacturers in Italy and Portugal.  We have also partnered with Undandy and Baggins Shoes to bring our customers our designs of men's shoes and  Chuck T's for both men and women.  Keep informed of all  our latest designs and products by subscribing to our newsletter.